Site Rotation and hygiene

Not the Same Old Site

As humans, we're habitual creatures. Although some habits are great, like family dinners, others need a good update. Case in point, injection sites.

Did you know that injecting insulin to the same part of your body could negate its purpose?

Because insulin has to be repeatedly injected, it's easy to go to the same spot you're used to. However, repeated injections can either cause the fat under the skin to break down or build up, which could interfere with insulin absorption.

Switch up your routine by rotating injections to your abdomen, but make sure each site is about an inch apart!

To Clean or Not to Clean?

Contrary to previous practice where skin had to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, a good old shower is all you need to ensure that your skin is clean enough to inject; unless you've been out all day with exposed skin. Fresh from a shower is best, and always make sure that your needle is sterile.


Vitatat's are temporary tattoo's exclusive to These tattoo's promote rotating injection sites and ensuring the proper cleaning of injection sites for those taking insulin and other injections.