School Diabetes Management Protocol

As we approach that time of the year again. Parents are worrying about their child's diabetes management at school. We have done our part to help you out and present to you this template for building your own protocol for school.


Insert Child Name – Type 1 Diabetes Protocol (2018 – 2019)


Emergency Contacts (In the order to be contacted)



Snack time Protocol

  • Morning snack to be had between 10-10:30am
  • Afternoon snack to be had between 2-2:30pm
  • Please ensure the entire snack is eaten
  • If blood sugar is reading at 7 to 10 or higher and entire snack is not eaten, no need for concern, *Insert Child Name*can discard
  • If 6 or less, entire snack must be eaten

 Lunchtime Protocol

  • Nurse will report to school between noon-12:15pm to administer insulin
  • Following insulin being administered, *Insert Child Name*can eat lunch
  • If the nurse is not at the school between the agreed upon time, contact mother immediately and continue to give *Insert Child Name*his lunch. Mother will contact nurse to confirm arrival time. Mother or grandmother will come to the school to give insulin if unable to reach nurse.
  • If *Insert Child Name*does not finish all of his lunch, contact mother with what has not been eaten. (Lunch menu to be included daily in lunch bag in order to identify what has not been eaten)

**Please do not force him to eat his lunch if full**

Dismissal Period

  • If *Insert Child Name*is reading 5.5 or less with an arrow trending down at dismissal time, please give him half a juice box prior to heading to the bus (to be followed only if taking the bus that afternoon)
  • If any lower than 5, please contact mother for further direction
  • Please ensure *Insert Child Name*has fanny pack with cell phone and Dexcom receiver when leaving for the day

Pre/Post Active Period

  • Please look at blood sugar level immediately prior to activity
  • If 5.0 or less and trending down prior to activity, please give half a juice box
  • After activity, if 5.0 or less and trending down give half a juice box or 1 bear paw cookie within package

Treating a “low” protocol

  • If the Dexcom is indicating a low (5.0 or lower) give *Insert Child Name*half a juice box or one bear paw cookie within a pack
  • Text or call mother after treating *Insert Child Name*with the juice box/cookie to verify
  • Continue to monitor for the following 30-45 minutes to verify blood sugar is trending up
  • During monitoring time *Insert Child Name*should not be taking part in any vigorous play i.e. running around
  • Contact mother after the 45-minute monitoring time is complete. If still not trending up, mother to give further direction. 

***If Dexcom device comes off of Insert Child Name, please contact mother as it most likely would not come off completely and would need to be removed appropriately. *** 

Additional information

  • *Insert Child Name*will arrive daily with small fanny pack consisting of cell phone and Dexcom receiver
  • Army print diabetic bag will remain at school always, inside of the bag is his insulin pen, needles, glucagon pen, testing kit (BG meter, test strips, lancing device)
  • During fire alarms or lockdowns, please ensure *Insert Child Name* army print diabetic bag and fanny pack go with the teacher and *Insert Child Name*
  • Emergency packs have been provided to be placed in library and any additional rooms decided on between parents and teachers
  • Please advise when running low on juice boxes or snacks.